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Queensland couple warn of asbestos risks

The parents of a 25-year-old man who died from mesothelioma want home renovators to ensure they aren’t exposing themselves or loved ones to asbestos. When martial arts champion Adam Sager […]

Asbestos in School

Asbestos taken into Melbourne school

A shipment of soil taken into a Melbourne primary school for landscaping was littered with asbestos fragments. The Environment Protection Authority has launched an investigation into how fragments of old […]

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Asbestos Danger – Renovators Beware

Owning a home has been a long held Australian tradition, with many families choosing to renovate their home as the family grows. But research is revealing the dangers faced by […]

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Asbestos is a global killer

We know Australia has been devastated by the deadly impact of asbestos – lives lost, communities contaminated and ongoing fear of further exposure. The latest statistics emerging from the United […]


My Survival Paradox

Heather Von St James is living with mesothelioma ten years after her initial diagnosis. She was exposed to asbestos as a young child from her fathers asbestos laden clothes. She […]