Illegal Dumping of Asbestos a Community Health Hazard

There has been an increase in the amount of asbestos waste being illegally dumped in Lismore.

Asbestos debris was found “hidden” in other waste and not disposed of in the correct area of the Council disposal facilities.  This puts not only the individuals dumping the asbestos at risk but also the innocent Council workers who are managing the rubbish as well as members of the community using the tip.

The risk of unnecessary asbestos exposure to the community from the illegal dumping and disposal of asbestos is great. Inhaling airborne asbestos fibres puts people at risk of developing asbestos related cancer in the future.

There are hefty fines in place to deter the illegal handling of asbestos and the Lismore Council is taking steps to identify the culprits who have already disposed asbestos contaminated waste.

It simply isn’t worth it.  Do the right thing with asbestos. Your life depends on it.

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