DIY? Get the professionals in before renovations commence to remove asbestos

Residents of Bankstown have been told to take precaution when working on older houses as they could contain asbestos. The New South Wales town is known for having many older buildings and residents have questioned the council on what to do. With so many people renovating and updating their homes, the council has made education and awareness a priority for residents, suggesting professional help is the best solution.

Areas like Bankstown have many structures built prior to the banning of asbestos across Australia in 1987. The toxic substance can be found in numerous areas of these buildings, such as dog kennels, outdoor toilets, under floor coverings, around hot water pipes and behind wall or floor tiles. With DIY home renovations more popular than ever, the council has urged homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to err on the side of caution and have your home assessed by a licensed asbestos removalist.

The council has also implemented a number of projects to help educate and assist residents. Through displaying information brochures on safe disposal in Customer Service Centres and successfully lobbying and securing Bankstown as the base for the Environment Protection Authority’s new Inner West Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) squad, the town is prepared to help residents and stop illegal dumping of asbestos.

But asbestos isn’t a problem just for New South Wales homeowners. In fact, it’s a problem worldwide and if you are affected in some way, support is essential. If you need more help or don’t have somewhere to ask questions about asbestos in your town, talk to the team at AMAA. Call 1800 017 758 to get in touch and don’t DIY before you get your home checked!