Asbestos Danger – Renovators Beware

Owning a home has been a long held Australian tradition, with many families choosing to renovate their home as the family grows.

But research is revealing the dangers faced by home renovators who unknowingly exposed themselves to asbestos building materials.  Before the dangers of asbestos were widely known, many homeowners undertook demolition work themselves – smashing wall sheeting containing asbestos and shattering asbestos – releasing deadly asbestos fibres into the air.

And now, many of these renovators are being confronted with diagnoses of asbestos related cancers, including the deadly mesothelioma.  The impact of asbestos on their lives is devastating and serves as a warning to current home renovators.

There is often the argument put forward that it costs too much to get asbestos professionally removed and/or to legally dispose of asbestos at approved waste facilities.  This is understandable and many people are lobbying their local council and government representatives for changes to be made to help people do the right thing when it comes to asbestos.

Yet, the hard reality is that if you don’t take care and do the right thing with asbestos you are risking your health, your family’s safety and also putting at risk your local community.

So, what is the most important asbestos message to renovators now?

Don’t risk your life! Consult the asbestos professionals and take all necessary precautions to minimise asbestos dangers for you and your family.

AMMA can offer you support and guidance through their Asbestos Outreach Centre. Contact us on 1800 017 758.