New treatment for mesothelioma on the Australian PBS

Great news for Australian suffering with mesothelioma.

We understand how important treatment options and affordability are to patients and their families. The new combination of immunotherapy treatments Opdivo and Yervoy will now be listed on the PBS from 1st July 2021. Its always important to check with your medical specialists about the suitability of treatments for your particular situation.

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), the manufacturer of the two treatments spoke with a former butcher and retired construction worker, Alan, 75, Gold Coast. Alan  wasn’t familiar with the rare and aggressive cancer before being diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 2020, he told BMS.

“The first thing I thought when they told me I had mesothelioma, was ‘geez, that sounds like a country in Europe.’ I wasn’t prepared for the devastating news that followed.’ 

“I was in a pretty dark place in the hours after my diagnosis. But then Dr Keith Horwood came in and told me he was going to start me on dual immunotherapy treatment, and I felt like the dark cloud lifted a little. It gave me hope,” said Alan. 

“When they told me it was asbestos-related, I eventually traced it back to a butcher shop I renovated in the 1970s. Back then we didn’t know the dangers of asbestos, so it was in everything and was everywhere. It’s just bad luck really.

“I’m very lucky to have so much support around me, especially my amazing wife of nearly 50 years. My three kids and six grandkids all live close by too, so I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ve had 75 good years, and I’m hoping with treatment, to get a few more, so I can spend it with my grandkids and watch them grow up,” Alan said. 

AMAA would be very interested to hear from any patients that may take up these new treatments.

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