Alternative Treatments and risks

A number of members have recently approached the AMAA regarding alternative (as distinct to complementary) treatments and therapies for mesothelioma. This topic is very complex and there are many differing opinions amongst patients, medical specialists and carers.

AMAA has considered the Australian Cancer Council’s position on this issue as positive and agrees with their current advice.

“Many alternative therapies have not been scientifically tested so there is no proof they stop cancer growing or spreading. Others have been tested and shown not to be effective. While side effects of alternative treatments are not always known, some are serious and can delay or stop the cancer being treated effectively. Some alternative practitioners promote their therapies and medicines as a cure for cancer and encourage people to stop using conventional cancer treatment. If this is something you are considering, discuss this with your doctor first. The Cancer Council does not recommend the use of alternative therapies as treatment for cancer.”

(Further information can be found at: https://cancerqld. complementary-therapies/)

It is obviously a drastic shock for patients to receive a diagnosis of an asbestos related disease. To hear about different treatment options is many patients desire. Understandably people want options and to be able to choose the best line of treatment they think suits them.

It is imperative though, that you know the facts and discus any treatment with your respiratory specialist, oncologist or any other medical professional you are dealing with in relation to your asbestos related disease.

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