Immunotherapy treatments for Mesothelioma and deciding

AMAA has had many conversations recently with mesothelioma patients about immunotherapy treatments. Should they? Should they not? Can they financially afford it?

As we noted the combination therapy of Opdivo & Yervoy for treating mesothelioma was put on the Pharmaceutical and Benefits Scheme (PBS) in Australia at the beginning of July 2021, making that treatment more financially affordable to people interested in it.

However, how does a mesothelioma patient decide in collaboration with their medical specialists exactly what immunotherapy (if any) is suitable?

Keytruda is another immunotherapy treatment that has been used for treating mesothelioma, but is currently not listed on the PBS (in Australia) for mesothelioma.

Immunotherapy is a targeted therapy, which means it aims only to affect cancer cells and avoid damaging healthy tissue.

There are many types of immunotherapies, and researchers continue to uncover the best combinations and methods for treating mesothelioma along with many other cancers.

Patients should discuss these type of treatments with their medical specialists and be aware of all your treatment options.

Have you or anyone you know undertaken treatment for mesothelioma with immunotherapy?

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