East Coast of Australia Flooding 2022

The East Coast of Australia has been inundated by floodwaters, in some areas, the worst in many decades.

People have very sadly lost lives. Some have lost their entire houses, pets and animals, businesses and vehicles. In the areas of Northern NSW and South East Queensland there has been so much devastation.

Many people are still homeless. Some however, have managed to get access to caravans that have been slightly damaged but could be made liveable for some time.

Vintage caravans can be found on sites like gumtree and e-bay for not major financial expense and in need of small restorations.

If you are thinking about restoring a caravan so it’s able to be lived in, please stop and think before you begin – could there be asbestos in situ?

An older caravan may be reasonably well-kept and only require a new paint job and new surfaces, however some caravans may require a lot of structural work. Asbestos maybe lurking in any of these.  Always seek professional advice before attempting to remove or dispose of asbestos containing products. They are life threatening!

Caravans manufactured in the 1950’s and 60’s had power, plumbing, internal frames and linings, insulation, and windows, just as a house did. As a result, there are as many places to find asbestos in an older caravan as in a house from that period.

  • Floor tiles: The original floor tiles may have asbestos in them, as can linoleum or vinyl floorings
  • Insulation in the wall cavity could contain asbestos
  • Heat insulation in stove tops or gas burners
  • Brake linings
  • Sealants for example around windows
  • Electrical components

In these, very stressful times for some in our communities, it is still necessary to check for asbestos in any caravans, houses, vehicles and avoid any exposure to fibres.

Please contact AMAA on 1800 017 758 or via info@asbestosascoiation.com.au for advice and referrals.