Bereaved Group / Butterfly Gatherings

1 February 2018

AMAA Bereaved Morning Tea

AMAA warmly invites you to join with other AMAA members and supporters who have been directly affected by the death of their partners or family members to an asbestos related disease, and who may find the support and company of others experiencing bereavement comforting. This important AMAA group is called the “Butterfly Gathering” (as decided by the members at their first meeting held in March 2017).
The gathering is open to both men and women and offers you a safe and private setting to come together to discuss shared experiences, issues and other topics of interest (that won’t always be about asbestos, for example craft, food, books and movies).  The Butterfly Gathering offers comfort and friendship to you, and a space for you to be inspired, uplifted and supported.
Come together in this supportive group at the AMAA Outreach Centre, Tweed Heads Bowls Club for morning tea on the 4th Thursday of each month from 11.00am to 12noon (NSW).  The meeting dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • 22 February 26 July
  • 22 March 23 August
  • 26 April 27 September
  • 24 May 25 October
  • 28 June 22 November

Please confirm your attendance before each meeting by contacting AMAA on:
Phone:  1800 017 758

We look forward to meeting with you